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Improve Your Skills and Have the Adventure of a Lifetime at Enduro Park Canada

Improve Your Skills and Have the Adventure of a Lifetime at Enduro Park Canada

When BMW created the first GS in 1980, reactions were mixed. Back then, the motorcycle industry did not have the fragmented family tree of specialized segments that it has today, with sport bikes, sport touring, touring, off-road, enduro, retro sport, standard, and all manner of cruisers. However, by mixing on-road, off-road, and touring characteristics into a single bike, BMW must have known they were on to something, because they soldiered on with the model, and not only has the GS survived, but it has thrived. Today, adventure riding, the segment that the BMW GS created, is one of the fastest growing in motorcycling, with every major manufacturer having some variation of the GS formula in their current lineup.

The increase in the number of adventure riders on roads and trails, some of them new to motorcycling altogether, others experienced in other types of riding but new to the adventure riding experience, brings the need for a different type of rider training. Specialized rider training programs are not a new phenomenon, but their popularity has been steadily increasing. Enduro Park Canada is one such facility that caters to the adventure riding enthusiast, giving participants an experience unlike any other at their permanent facility in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Enduro Park Canada Training

Enduro Park Canada offers training programs from beginner to advanced, from single-day to nine-day tours, designed for any make and model of adventure bike. They also have a fleet of BMW rental bikes through their partnership with BMW.

Unlike other programs that are part-time and may move from location to location, Enduro Park Canada has a permanent facility that operates full-time. They are located only 15 minutes from Victoria, British Columbia, with easy access to Victoria International Airport, and all of the accommodations and amenities that the city of Victoria has to offer.

Enduro Park Canada Group 1

Their dedicated facilities include trails with water crossing and bridge crossing features, a combination of dirt, rocks, sand, and gravel, log features, different sized hill climbs and descents, off-camber trails, and even teeter totters. The terrain is challenging, safe, and fun, a perfect combination for riders to learn and enjoy at all levels.

Enduro Park Canada was started by Ryan Austin. Austin is a certified BMW off-road instructor and BMW tour guide, retired police sergeant, master police motorcycle instructor, and brings a wealth of riding experience from all over the world, spanning 40 years of riding. He has collected an expert team of instructors, each with extensive experience in rider training on and off road.

Enduro Park Canada Training 2

Part of the team is instructor Caroline Stevenson, who is the only female BMW-certified off-road instructor in Canada, a definite plus with the growing number of female riders in the sport. Stevenson was part of the first International Female Team GS Trophy qualifier, representing Canada in South Africa in 2015.

Riders participating in Enduro Park Canada programs can bring a bike of any make or model that is suitable for the task, but if they choose to rent, the park’s fleet of BMW adventure bikes is at the ready. With models ranging from the F850GS on the smaller end of the scale, to the bigger R1250GS, there’s a BMW for any rider size and skill level.

Not only does the park offer training, including BMW certified Level I, II, and III, and individual one-on-one programs, they also do guided tours from one to nine days, including routes all through British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains. They also offer courses for first aid and mechanical skills geared towards adventure riding, off-road instructor training, and open ride days for those who have taken the courses and just want to hone their skills in the park.

Enduro Park Canada Training 3

Along with all the amenities available for riders in Victoria, the city also offers the opportunity for spouses and family to tag along and see the sights of the city and Vancouver Island, and riders from the U.S. can take advantage of the favorable exchange rate and reasonable pricing.

With dedicated facilities, experienced instructors, and the legendary BMW GS lineup to draw from, Enduro Park Canada offers the ultimate adventure riding experience, all a short ride from the capital of British Columbia. From the beginner, to the seasoned vet, they have programs to suit any rider. For more information, visit

Enduro Park Canada Group 3

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