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MO Tested: Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock Review

MO Tested: Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock Review

The creeps that steal motorcycles count on one thing when they are attempting to rip you off: They want to go unnoticed. Getting even the slightest glance from a passerby might be enough to stop them in their tracks and move on to an easier target. Back when I was a daily commuter with unsecured parking, I carried locks (front and rear) to protect my bike. After all, it was more than just my sole means of transportation; it was my pride and joy. When I received this Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock from the good folks at Aerostich, it made me reminisce about my misspent youth on motorcycles and some of the dicey places I occasionally parked my bike. 

Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock
The Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock provides an effective deterrent to bike thieves in a compact, easy-to-carry package. It is good for use in low-risk locations or with an additional lock in dicier areas.
+ Highs Highly portable Attracts attention with alarm Locks without key – Sighs Too big to carry in pocket Plastic construction deters but does not prevent theft Too many m’fers coveting their neighbor’s goods

The Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock is made of sturdy plastic, which means that it won’t stymie the most determined thieves. That, however, is not its purpose. Instead, while providing some extra security by rendering the throttle and front brake inoperable, it serves as an attention-getting device by triggering a 120-db alarm when the bike is jostled. This is perhaps even more important than a lock on the wheels, because a couple of strong guys can easily lift a bike that is not chained down into a van in seconds – regardless of how many wheels are locked. An alarm in this situation can attract the attention of potential witnesses, which thieves clearly do not want. 

The Zovii is super easy to install. Although its plastic construction means that it can be defeated, it will make plenty of attention-grabbing noise in the process.

So, what is the Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock like in daily use? It’s quite convenient, actually. While it’s too big to fit in most jacket pockets, a backpack or tank bag will suffice. To arm it, simply close the lock over the throttle and brake lever and depress the locking tumbler into position. You don’t even need to use the key. A quick beep tells you the alarm is armed. (Two beeps let you know it is off when you unlock it.) Then if the bike is jiggled, the alarm gives warning beeps at a loud, annoying level for about 15 seconds. Jostle it again, and the alarm cycle repeats. When it’s time to get on your bike, simply use the key. 

You don’t need to use the key to lock the Zovii. Just press the tumbler closed.

After spending a little time with the Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock, I’ve found it does two things really well. First, it attracts attention to would-be thieves when they are at work. Second, it provides an impediment to them quickly cracking your bike’s ignition and riding away – all for a reasonable $60 in a form that is easy to carry with you. While nothing will beat securely attaching your bike to an immovable object, the Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock is an easy way to up your security game. 

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What is a grip lock?
A grip lock is a lock that wraps around the motorcycle’s throttle grip and covers the front brake lever, preventing the motorcycle from being operated. 

Do motorcycle grip locks work?
Aside from securing your motorcycle to an immovable object in a locked garage, no method of protecting your motorcycle is 100% effective. However, grip locks provide a nice level of deterrence from crimes of opportunity. Also, they deliver an extra level of protection in a multi-layered approach to motorcycle security. The lock featured in this review has the added benefit of an alarm to attract attention to any attempts at theft. 

What kind of lock is best for a motorcycle?
No lock can be 100% effective in preventing motorcycle theft. However, the use of a lock (or multiple locks, as the situation warrants) can help to minimize the risk of theft. A grip lock is a good choice for a public location, but for areas where the bike will be out of sight, locking it to an immovable object is your best choice. 

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