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Triumph Launches Bonneville T120 Black DGR Limited Edition

Triumph Launches Bonneville T120 Black DGR Limited Edition

No matter where you are in the world, it’s practically impossible not to have noticed the yearly trend of dapper looking people riding their motorcycles. What started out as a local event in Sydney, Australia by Mark Hawwa in 2012 to bring people together, wear nice clothes, and raise awareness for men’s health, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has grown to become one of the world’s largest road riding charity events. Today the DGR’s global reach spans over 800 cities, 90,000 riders, and has raised over $37.5 million for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health.  

For the past 10 years, Triumph Motorcycles has partnered with the DGR to not only provide financial support and resources, but to also help raise the profile of the event to a global audience. The partnership has spawned clothing collections and unique one-off builds, but now, Triumph has announced that, in celebration of its 10-year partnership, it’s launching the Limited Edition Bonneville T120 Black DGR. 

Only 250 of these DGR Bonnies will be made, with number 001 reserved for the highest fundraiser of the 2023 ride. Each of the bikes will come with a certificate of authenticity hand signed by Mark Hawwa and Nick Bloor, each with a unique number and VIN. As for the bike itself, it stands out from a standard T120 with a custom DGR paint scheme featuring two-tone metallic Phantom Black over Crystal White, which draws its inspiration from dress suits – appropriate for the DGR. Accenting the fuel tank and side panels are hand-painted gold pinstriping to mimic the gold accessories you’d wear along with your dapper clothing. Capping it off are the classy brown seat and official DGR branding. 

To get all the details about the Bonneville T120 Black DGR Limited Edition, see the press release below.

Begin press release:


The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) unites hundreds of thousands of classic and vintage style motorcycle fans all over the world to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. Founded in Sydney Australia in 2012, the DGR was created by Mark Hawwa as a wonderful new way to bring together motorcycle enthusiasts, focused on a common cause for good. Growing year on year, today the DGR spans the world with more than 90,000 riders taking to the streets in more than 800 cities, with more than $37m USD raised for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health to date.

Triumph became the official motorcycle partner of the DGR in 2014, bringing a commitment to increase awareness, grow participation, and ultimately increase fundraising in support of this worthy cause. Everyone involved at Triumph is proud to have played a key role, in collaboration with Mark Hawwa and his team, in growing this incredible community. From providing financial support and resources that have helped to raise the profile of the DGR globally, to rewarding its participants, sharing the passion and drive that has made the DGR the world’s largest on-road charity motorcycling event.

One of Triumph’s most significant contributions has been in growing awareness and motivating fundraisers around the world, by providing motorcycles from Triumph’s Modern Classic range as rewards for the top fundraisers. In previous years this has included unique motorcycles, such as a one-of-a-kind Triumph Thruxton RS DGR Edition and a custom ‘1959 Legends’ Triumph Bonneville T120 and matching Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar, awarded to the 2022 ride’s highest fundraiser as part of a collaboration between Triumph and Gibson.

2023 marks the 10th year of this incredible partnership and represents a huge milestone for Triumph and the DGR.  To celebrate this landmark anniversary and help make the 2023 DGR event the biggest and most successful to date, Triumph has created 250 new Bonneville T120 Black Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Limited Edition motorcycles. 

The new Limited Edition motorcycle is designed with a stylish DGR metallic black and white paint scheme, featuring official DGR branding with a custom logo on the tank and side panels, gold detailing and distinctive brown seat. Each one comes with a numbered certificate, signed by DGR founder Mark Hawwa and Triumph CEO Nick Bloor, with edition 001 being presented to the highest fundraised for the 2023 ride.

The entire Triumph community, from our network of dealers and fans across the world, to our staff, designers and engineers are committed to continue to grow the reach and impact of the DGR in support of this incredible cause for good. 

Together we will make 2023 the biggest and most successful DGR yet.

Mark Hawwa – Founder; The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

“If anyone had said 10 years ago that we’d be celebrating a decade of partnership with Triumph Motorcycles, I would have laughed. That first year of signing with Triumph has always been a highlight for me. It felt exciting, and that excitement still carries on every year. Triumph has become like a family to me and to The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. They are passionate about getting classic styled bikes out for a ride and using the machines we love to make a positive impact for our cause. That excitement and passion has now been brought together in a product that speaks to our journey together. We are beyond proud to release the Bonneville T120 Black Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Limited Edition motorcycle, to celebrate what we have achieved together, and to continue doing more of what we love.”

Paul Stroud – Chief Commercial Officer; Triumph

“We are delighted to be celebrating the 10th-year anniversary of our unique relationship with the DGR, which is an incredibly important partnership for Triumph and the thousands of Triumph DGR fans across the world. From the beginning it was clear that the DGR and Triumph was a perfect fit, with a shared passion for motorcycles, style, and riding for the people you love, something that is much more than sponsorship. Everyone involved over the last decade of the DGR, from the Triumph and DGR teams, to our dealers, the army of DGR organisers and ride hosts, and the legions of riders who passionately support this wonderful event and cause should be justifiably proud of the impact their efforts have had. With the launch of the new DGR edition of our Bonneville T120 Black our ambition is to mark this wonderful occasion with something truly special, that for me epitomizes the spirit of the DGR and delivers a new way to delight riders and celebrate this incredible cause.


With just 250 available worldwide, this stunning and unique limited edition of
the most iconic Triumph motorcycle has been created to celebrate the landmark
10-year anniversary of the partnership between Triumph and the DGR, to help
make the 2023 DGR the biggest and most successful to date.

BEAUTIFUL  Stylish and unique custom Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride edition paint scheme. Sophisticated monochrome metallic Phantom Black and Crystal White two-tone paint scheme follows a distinctive ‘dress suit’ inspired design, drawing inspiration from ‘dressing dapper’ for dinner. Beautiful gold fuel tank stripe detailing and hand-painted gold pinstriping on the side panels, inspired by the DGR’s dapper clothing and accessory style, such as the classic gold pocket watch or tie-pin. Custom DGR 2023 gold script logo featured prominently on the fuel tank and side panels. Elegant brown stitched bench seat with pillion strap, enhancing the vintage custom look. EXCLUSIVE Limited to just 250 DGR edition motorcycles worldwide. Each bike coming with a collector edition numbered certificate of authenticity featuring the motorcycle’s VIN reference and DGR edition number, hand signed by the DGR’s Mark Hawwa and Triumph’s Nick Bloor. Edition number 001 will be presented to the highest fundraised for the 2023 DGR. CAPABLE All the latest generation Bonneville T120 Black’s specification, with its significantly enhanced handling, high specification Brembo brakes and rider technology.

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