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See you next year, Formula 1!

Max Verstappen dominated the final race of the Formula 1 season at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. Here are the top 5 moments of the season finale!

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1. Vettel’s retirement

On Thursday morning of the Hungarian GP, it was announced that Sebastian Vettel leaves Aston Martin at the end of 2022. Right after the race, we learned that Fernando Alonso will replace the four-time world champion German driver by joining Aston Martin in 2023 on multi-year contract. With four championship titles and 53 victories to his name, Sebastian Vettel is undoubtedly one of the most successful drivers of Formula 1 history.

Vettel enjoyed a pretty special farewell during his last race. On Friday evening of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the German driver invited the paddock to join him on track for a group run. Everyone wore a “Danke Seb” T-shirt, meanwhile Vettel had one that read “Danke F1”. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton organized a dinner for all drivers on the grid to celebrate the retirement of Sebastian Vettel.

But was it really the last race for Sebastian Vettel in Formula 1? Well, let’s wait and see.

Headwear company New Era partners with Red Bull Racing

Oracle Red Bull Racing is joining forces with the globally renowned sports and lifestyle brand New Era to create new ranges of Team headwear that uniquely fuse performance and style.

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Originating from New York, New Era brings over a century of experience in supplying quality headwear to some of the world’s biggest sports leagues, including Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Football League (NFL) in the US, as well as teams in the English Premier League (EPL), France’s Ligue 1 and Spain’s La Liga.

The partnership will see New Era produce headwear for the Team and drivers to wear throughout the season and be available to purchase from New Era and Oracle Red Bull Racing online stores and outlets at the start of the 2023 Formula One season.

The debut headwear collection will be available in the classic Oracle Red Bull Racing livery in a range of styles and in a seasonal colour palette for fans who want to push the boundaries as much as the Team.

Daniel Ricciardo joins Red Bull Racing as third driver

Oracle Red Bull Racing today confirms Daniel Ricciardo will return home and rejoin the Team as the third driver for 2023. Daniel will bring a wealth of experience and character to assist the Team with testing, Sim work, and commercial activity.

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With 29 trophies to his name, there were plenty of high points in an excellent first run with Red Bull Racing. Immediately making an impact in his first year in 2014, finishing 3rd in the Championship and securing wins in Montreal and Budapest. Then in 2015 and an epic Monaco performance and the fastest lap of the race, taking his maiden pole at the same race a year later. In 2016, he was also the only driver to finish all 21 races. 2017 saw Daniel win a wild Azerbaijan Grand Prix and take eight other podiums before rolling into the 2018 season with a bang. He won two of the first six races that year, storming through the field in China and then who can forget that win in Monaco or, perhaps just as iconic, that dive into the swimming pool?

Since Daniel left the Team at the end of 2018, he has spent 2 years respectively at Renault and McLaren. Whilst he hasn’t seen the success, he was accustomed to it. He remains a phenomenal and highly respected driver who brings another layer of knowledge and expertise to the Team.

Oracle Red Bull Racing Team Principal and CEO Christian Horner said:

It is great to bring Daniel back into the Red Bull family. He has enormous talent and a brilliant character; I know the whole factory is excited to welcome him home. In his role as test and third driver, Daniel will give us a chance to diversify, assist in the car’s development, and aid the Team with his experience and knowledge of what it takes to succeed in Formula 1. We’re very pleased to be working with Daniel again and look forward to everything he will bring to the Team in 2023.

Pros and cons of the effects of CBD on the body of F1 racers

With the legalization of CBD and its drop from the WADA list of prohibited substances, athletes could now enjoy the healing properties of weed. F1 racers can benefit from its medicinal effects. Regardless of their abundant positive properties, cannabinoid also has some adverse ones. 

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Motorsports involve advanced cars driven by racers who compete at incredible speeds on sometimes rough terrain. As can be expected, the job comes with its own set of stresses and adverse effects. According to experts from AskGrowers, marijuana does help with relieving such stresses. Regardless, it is understandable that weed is illegal in the sports arena.

What does that mean for F1 racers? In answering the question of why weed is illegal in sports, it is vital to mention that most people in charge of the systems feel it goes against sporting regulations. Not only do they perceive it to enhance performance, but they also feel it risks its users’ health and undermines the spirit of competition. 

What is CBD, and is it Legal?

In 2018 a Farm Bill was passed, and it revolutionalized the world of medical marijuana. The basics of this bill allowed farmers to grow hemp and sell it to distributors in its natural and processed form. One of the main components of the hemp plant is CBD in its pure form. What is CBD? 

What value does sociology have for students in the modern world?

Social sciences are the ones that study how people, institutions, or nations interact, live, and behave. Under the social sciences umbrella, you can find many sciences, such as sociology, psychology, political sciences, and more.

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What is sociology? It studies the relationships between people within many contexts, such as family, educational institutions, political institutions, and more. How individuals behave in certain situations is essential as it contributes to their development as individuals and to the development of an organization or nation too. Students might study sociology concepts within the college no matter the field they choose to be active in, as the definition of sociology comprises many fields. But what value does sociology have for students in the modern world?

Social Inequalities

Students that come from distinct social classes might have already felt the inequalities. If you come from an upper social class, you may have more benefits, and life may be easier for you. On the contrary, if you are not upper class, even college life can be challenging as you do not have access to the same resources. This is one of the fields of sociology scientists are studying. How are social classes created? What fuels them so that they are maintained? How does the distribution of wealth and resources affect people’s development?

This is a hot topic today, as many take a look into these differences that tell people apart only by how much wealth they have. You can find many free essay examples or an online essay that explore these topics and give answers to these questions. You can search in sociology essays examples for the opinion of experts, but also the results of their research. Any free service shares samples online, and you can delve more to discover the social inequalities still pervasive in our society. It is about inequality of conditions and distribution of wealth, but about the inequalities of opportunities too. Studies have shown that Black people do not have the same opportunities as others. And becoming aware of these social inequalities is crucial as this is the basis of reforms.

Writing an essay on motorsports. Where to start?

How to write a good essay on motorsports? Where should you start? Discover the list of the most effective writing prompts for beginners in this post.

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Writing essays is often difficult, especially if you have a tricky topic. If you need to complete an academic assignment on motorsports, it is crucial to dive deep into the required field, understand and follow the basic writing rules, and choose a proper voice and tone for your essay. In this post, you will find some important information about composing this type of paper and tips on making your writing process smoother and faster.

Proven Method Of Completing Academic Papers

To begin with, you need to know about a proven way of completing an academic assignment of any difficulty level. Many students use WritePaperForMe and other professional academic writing services to cope with their learning difficulties. These solutions offer writing essays on any topic upon request and can help you meet even the most urgent deadlines.

If you want to know more about writing services, it might be a good idea to find out some relevant info at You will be amazed to discover that the process of placing the order will take you no longer than just a couple of moments. Professional writers are ready to meet all your requirements and will deliver your essay on motorsports right on time.

Can motorsport improve your skills for learning?

Sport is very important in many people’s lives as it gives new perspectives and contributes to the growth of ambitions. For example, motorcycling is a way to challenge even the academic world and learn new things. Competing on racetracks can help you reach incredible heights in college or university life. But how can motorsport improve your skills for learning? Here are the things you should know first.

Motorsport Teaches Tenacity

Tenacity is the quality that modern students lack. So many young people give up and say, “I’m not good enough to be part of this college. It was a mistake, and I will not waste time on academic life.” But what if all the difficulties are temporary, and you are on the verge of glorious life changes? That is why you need to understand what tenacity is.

By participating in races, you will improve your skills and be able to achieve good results. Gradually, such a skill will help you boost your academic knowledge. But in the early stages, you will need a lot of time for sports training, so delegate some of your papers to reliable writers. Thanks to Scam Fighter, you will surely know which writing services you can trust.

Motorsport Teaches Discipline

The learning process is impossible without discipline, patience, and a clear schedule. By participating in motorcycle racing, you can understand how important it is to achieve synchronization of all your actions, skills, and goals. In addition, discipline is a skill that helps you follow all the instructions your coach gives you. In the real world, you will also use this skill a lot. Unfortunately, many young people do not realize the benefits they can get from such activities.

Disciplined bikers can better prepare for exams and meet deadlines and professors’ instructions. In addition, it will be easier for you to organize your leisure time in order not to spend a lot of time on third-party activities. Knowing how to control life and educational processes, your academic path will be as effective as possible.

Motorsport as a perfect way to relax after studies

Motorsport is gaining popularity among the masses from year to year. What is more, many students are fond of this kind of sport because of its many amazing benefits. So, is it a good way to relax after your studies? Should you try motorsports? You will find answers to these questions and much more in this post.

Before Trying Motorsports

The most important thing you need to know about is that motorsports are very addictive. Many students who have tried it at least once become fans of this kind of sport. As a result, they spend all their free time with cars and drive as much as possible.

But what if you don’t have enough time for sports and cars? The learning path of thousands of learners is extremely difficult, with countless academic assignments on their way. If you are one of them, we’ve good news. You can use one of the academic writing websites to cope with all your learning difficulties faster. Don’t forget to read the reviews on independent feedback sites like beforehand.

But why do you need to read writing site reviews in advance? The reason is that this simple trick will help you choose the most budget-friendly and reliable service to fit all your needs and expectations. Moreover, it will allow you to get answers to many common questions related to academic writing services. For example, is legit? Or which is the cheapest writing site? If you choose a trustworthy site and get all your papers done by professionals, you will have more time for motorsports and plenty of opportunities to enjoy its benefits.

Decrease Stress Levels

Motorsports are closely connected with risk and breathtaking rides. When you feel you are in danger, your body releases adrenaline. This hormone will make you forget about all your learning difficulties, exams, and incomplete academic assignments.

Is it really possible to combine motorsport and education?

Is it possible to combine motorsport and education? How can students manage to cope with academic routines and sports? Here’s what you should know:

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Many young people love motorsport and even participate in competitions. Imagine that you have achieved significant success, and your bike has become your passion. Surely you want such a hobby or sports career not to be interrupted under any pretext. But what if you are a student and a college education is an integral part of your plan? How do you combine motorsport and education? Is it possible to have time to engage in sports and educational activities every day? Here’s what you should know as a biker and student.

Create a List of Essential Things

Many students find it challenging to prioritize and decide on further actions. That is why you should make a list of essential things. For example, mention your college, motorcycling, hobbies, family, life goals, and other basic things. Now arrange all the things according to their relevance and importance. As a rule, you can cope with such a task in 10-20 minutes. But you should write down all the things that are at least partially important to you.

Knowing your priorities, you can understand what hobby or activity you are ready to devote a lot of time to. However, compiling a list of priorities can sometimes take a lot of time, so you should prepare in advance as a student. For example, delegate some papers to some writing service. But first, you should check at least one paperwriter review to be aware of possible pitfalls.

Tips on leasing your first car

After you have decided to lease your first car, the fun of picking one out begins. There are several things to consider when car shopping, and you want to have the power of knowledge going into the process.

In order to get the best leasing deals on cars, you will want to figure out: your budget, the type of vehicle you want, and which car companies offer the best deals. Having pre-approval from a bank is also a good idea so you can determine what your monthly payments will be. 

Getting the Best Deal 

Getting the most bang for your buck is always a smart idea. When leasing a car, there is no exception. Follow these four simple tips when leasing your first car. 

1. Determine Your Budget and Talk to the Bank 

When getting a loan or making payments, it’s always a good idea to figure out your budget first. Talking to a lender to see what you will be approved for and what you are comfortable paying each month is recommended. 

Instead of looking at the dealer’s monthly payments, look at the overall cost or cap cost they are charging. If possible, try to get this number down, which will lower your monthly payments.

2022 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix highlights



Max Verstappen won the 2022 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in comfortable fashion – but Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc took P2 to finish ahead of Sergio Perez for second in the championship.

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Verstappen fended off Perez into Turn 1 and swapped his mediums for hards on Lap 20, with the Dutchman using hard tyres until the end to take his record-extending 15th win of the season.

As for Perez and Leclerc, who were tied on points for P2 in the championship heading into this race, they produced a nail-biting battle. Perez pitted early for both of his stops, while Leclerc reacted by extending his second stint and ensuring a one-stop strategy. The Red Bull driver closed in on the Ferrari with four laps remaining but couldn’t make his way past for P2, and therefore finished third and fell to third in the championship behind Leclerc.

How to save money as a first-time car buyer

As a first-time car buyer, you’ll want the best vehicle for the money. Here are some tried and tested ways to save on your new wheels.

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Did you know that people in the United States spend about an hour driving each day? Work and school commutes require a reliable vehicle that won’t break down after driving 30 miles. If you’re a first-time car buyer, a few strategies can help you save and find the vehicle of your dreams. Keep reading to discover the most effective savings tips to help you prepare for and afford car prices.

Know What You Need

One of the best places to start when you’re a first-time car buyer is with your preferences. Take time to establish a realistic budget for your vehicle. Some expenses could involve title loans reviews, maintenance, and license plate fees. Each state has specific requirements for getting a new car, but you can discuss these needs with a car sales rep.

It’s helpful to consider the climate you live in. For example, if you live in the northern states or the mountains, you’ll want something with 4WD or AWD. However, people living in larger cities are better off getting smaller vehicles that won’t eat at your gas mileage.

HCL Software becomes a new Ferrari partner

HCL Software, a global leader in enterprise software solutions, announced a multi-year partnership with legendary Formula One team Scuderia Ferrari today. The deal with Ferrari S.p.A. sees the company become a strategic partner to the historic racing team, focusing on supplying high-performance, precision technology.

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The company’s logo will make its debut on Scuderia Ferrari’s F1-75 single-seater, driven by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, at Formula One’s season finale at the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Rajiv Shesh, Chief Revenue Officer, HCL Software, said:

This partnership demonstrates a coming together of two great brands to collaborate and change the future. Ferrari and HCL Software both have a heritage of excellence and progress, and we will work to achieve great things in development as we work together.

Dario Debarbieri, Vice President and Head of Marketing at HCL Software, added:

It is a game-changing opportunity for our company to work alongside such an iconic sporting team. Scuderia Ferrari’s will-to-win brought 16 Formula One Constructors’ Championships and 15 Drivers’ Championships. We are proud to bring our technology and expertise to Ferrari’s F1 operation and our never-ending pursuit of excellence and precision.

Haas F1 Team and Palm Angels Announce New Partnership for 2023

Haas F1 Team, the only American team competing in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, announced a new partnership with Palm Angels, the iconic Italian brand founded by the Creative Director Francesco Ragazzi.

Ahead of the 2023 FIA Formula 1 World Championship, Palm Angels will become the official EntArtainment Curator of Haas F1 Team, with visibility on the VF-23, driver overalls and garage and hospitality branding, as well as across owned channels.

Haas F1 Team will also work with Palm Angels to activate across key markets throughout the season specifically on the Miami, Italian and Las Vegas grands prix. The partnership joins two brands with a strong visual identity and success-driven mentality, working together to be ‘Right on Track’.

“I’m excited to welcome Palm Angels to Haas F1 Team and I know it’s a partnership that will bring a totally different dynamic into the Formula 1 paddock,” said Guenther Steiner, Team Principal of Haas F1 Team. “As a brand Palm Angels has enjoyed tremendous growth in a short space of time and it’s not been afraid to do things its own way – not unlike Haas F1 Team. We share that synergy and that disruptive nature coming into established industries. The Palm Angels line is based on quality and craftsmanship, a desire to produce the best, and that’s our focus too competing in Formula 1, it’s an obvious alignment between our two companies. More importantly, I know we’re going to have a lot of fun and engagement promoting this partnership – it’ll be a creative and collaborative relationship a bit different to what’s gone before”.

“Our identity lies in multiplicity, and I believe in Palm Angels being essentially a perspective onto things, a diverse but precise point of view. Curation is the right way to define my approach and I do often use an image to describe what we do: many different things that magically come together by the simple fact of being one next to the other. The partnership with Haas F1 Team will allow us to delve into both the material and the immaterial, creating a synergy based on optimism and dynamism. These qualities define both Palm Angels as a brand and Haas F1 as team. I completely adhere to the belief that speed is an expression of everything positive. We’ll move across different media, and I am sure we will all have great time together,” said Francesco Ragazzi, Palm Angels ‘Founder and Creative Director’.

What are the most popular real-money casino games?: top five games ranked

Many people looking for the best online casino Canada for real money often wonder which are the most popular games you can play online. The answer to that crucial question may vary depending on whom you ask or where you are. However, some casino games universally receive little to no attention from players everywhere.

This article ranks the top five most popular casino games you can play with real money in online casinos.

1. Slots

Slot machines are classic casino games that first appeared in the casino market in the late 1800s. These fun and mindless casino games attract millions of players worldwide as they don’t require any strategy to succeed. The games often feature high-quality themes and graphics, especially in online casinos.

To play slots, you put a coin in the machine, pull the lever (or press the button), and the machine will display a combination of symbols. These symbols will determine whether you win or lose. Some slots also feature a lucrative progressive jackpot with life-changing rewards.

Besides their simplicity, you won’t need to break the bank to play slots. For instance, you can play penny slots and enjoy a full day of gambling without quickly burning through your bankroll.